SoftBox-Test was founded in 2003 in order to address the specific needs of the local market in Test & Measurement Instruments and devices for Telecommunication, TV Broadcast, Electronics/Electrical, Educational applications and Research & Development.

Although our main focus area lays in Test & Measurement our continuous growth, has enable us to expand our operations and offered range of products, to cover passive and active Telecom infrastructure equipment..



SoftBox-Test® represents officially a number of leading RF, microwave, optical & network instrument and material manufacturers. Today our company extends its product portfolio continuously in order to serve the increasing needs for advanced T&M equipment and Telecom solutions.

SoftBox-Test® is currently one of the few companies in Cyprus operating in the distribution and technical marketing support of the end-user channel, providing state-of-the-art T&M products directed to Telecom, TV Broadcast, Military & Educational users. We offer a wide range of Test & Measurement solutions for next generation communication equipment & network providing products for:

  • Mobile Communications 1G/2G/3G/LTE.
  • Fibre & Copper networks.
  • RF & Electronics systems.
  • VOIP/Ethernet/Internet.
  • Avionics.
  • PCB testing, diagnosis & repair.
  • General purpose test & measurement equipment.
  • Calibration.
  • Complete laboratory installation.
  • ESD testing & certification.

Our product portfolio has been put together with great care to ensure that we can provide complete range of  solutions for our customers. We select and integrate the best solutions available to deliver to our customers a comprehensive range of cutting edge products.

Technology has brought an invigorating burst of electronics & telecom solutions and we are prepared to help our customers select the right product to cover their requirements.